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Sheeted Feeder Panels

Feeder panels are great for square bales and several other feeding applications. The easy drop-pin setup allows for square, rectangle or even triangular feeders to be constructed for inside or outside the barn.

52" tall
6', 8', 10', and 12' lengths available
16 gauge steel
Optional panel
2" tubing on frame
1-1/4" slant and vertical bars
Easy drop-in assembly
Ultra-protected powder coat bright red


Hay Feeder Panel 12'

Great for feeding hay in-line or from a stack, these panels can be connected together or mounted separately. Designed to withstand abuse from the toughest animals. Made from heavy 14 ga. 2″ tubing. S-Bar Design saves hay and keeps calves out of the feed.


Bale Feeder 8' (available with or without bottom panel)

46" tall - 8' diameter
14 gauge steel frame
Available with or without the panel option
1-1/4" diagonals and vertical bars
15 vertical bars on open feeder
Hardware included
Ultra-protected powder coat bright red


Bale Feeder 6'

Without bottom panel


Cradle Bale Feeder

Tarter's Galvanized Cradle Bale Feeder helps keep round bales off of the ground, minimizing hay waste and reducing feed costs. This product features a removable gate on one end for easy loading, as well as skids for transport around the farm. Galvanized for protection against white rust.

Keeps round bale off the ground to minimize waste
Great multi-species feeder
Removable gate on one end of feeder for easy loading
Skids for ease of movement
1-3/4 round tubing for extra strength
Galvanized finish with clear coating (for additional protection against white rust)

Note: All hay feeders come complete with bolts and nuts. Recommended for tough situations.


Tombstone Horse Bale Feeder

Good for use with horses or horned cattle

8' diameter
14 gauge steel frame
Panel provided with feeder
Three piece, drop-in construction
Excellent for horses & cattle
Ultra-protected powder coat bright red


Poly Bale Feeder

Long-life polyethylene pipe design


Heavy Duty Bull Feeder
Designed for large round bale feeding to cattle in the harshest environments with herds and animals of all sizes. It is constructed with 2" round high-tensile strength steel tubing and features a Hay Saver ring for feed savings. The S-Bar design prevents calves from getting inside the feeder, while the heavy0duty end post brace provides superior strength and easy assembly.


Cone Hay Saver
Keeps hay off of the ground
Saves 10-20% hay usage annually
Mounts on Applegate Two Piece 14 Gauge Feeders
Unique spider base supports bales up to 2500 lbs
Top ring keeps cattle from pulling hay off of the top
Easy to assemble
Save money, conserve your hay
Ultra-protected powder coat bright red


Haysmart Feeder
Keeps the bale suspended off the ground at an ideal eating height which increases hay utilization to more than 96% compared to 85% with other feeding methods. Finished with our premium powder coat paint.


Equine Pro Hay Feeder w/ Hay Saver
Perfect for feeding round bales to horses. This product was designed with safety, hay utilization and durability in mind. Smooth, rounded top loops are designed to discourage mane rubbing and the spacing helps prohibit horses from catching a hoof in the feeder. The loop legs prevent sinking in soft surfaces and the hay-saver panel minimizes waste in group feeding environments.


Goat Hay Feeder with Bunk
Lightweight and built low to the ground to accommodate feeding goats and small animals
Poly-liner is made from 100% recycled materials
Optional galvanized hay rack featuring 4” x 4” wire mesh for easy feeding and minimal waste

  • Free Standing Hay Rack
    Ideal for feeding hay to goats and small animals
    Fast and easy set up and storage
    Constructed of high-quality galvanized steel
    Folds completely flat, and will fit in a truck bed or other small area for easy transport


Feed Bunk and Hay Racks
Sold separately. Bunks and hay racks come in both 5' and 10' lengths.