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Sliding Alley Gate
Helps separate animals inside of the alley for efficient handling and increased animal safety. This product is constructed of heavy-duty square tube construction and a sheeted door to block animal view. The top-mounted, ball-bearing rollers feature a "self-cleaning" bottom, allowing for easy, reliable sliding. This product can be used as an alleyway entry gate or mid-alley for scales or other uses. SKU: SPG


Palpation Cage
Designed to keep both the herdsman and animal safe during working. High-sheeted doors on each side with heavy-duty slam latches allow for convenient access to the back of the animal. Each of these doors open into the alley and latch, creating a sturdy barrier from animals in the alley. This optional unit is designed to fit both models of chutes. SKU: SPC


Headgates and Chutes
Purchase single headgates or headgates with chutes already attached.
Choose automatic or manual catch.


Sweeps and Alleys
Rugged, versatile and easy to set up and use. This system was designed to make cattle handling fast, safe and simple; providing everything that's needed for efficient cattle handling, saving time and boosting profitability.
Comes sheeted or non-sheeted


Calf Creep Feeder Panel
Designed for use between pastures and outside of sheds or barns for adding weight to calves. Featuring an adjustable horizontal bar and 18" openings for calf-only access, these panels are engineered to last.